Firearm Transfers

Firearm Transfer Guide

  1. Find the California legal product you want to purchase online, preferably from one of these retailers and , especially if it involves the transfer of multiple items.
  1. If the retailer is not listed here or if you are purchasing a product from a private party, I will need to approve the transfer before proceeding, so with the seller’s name, and details on the product you are purchasing.
  1. If the gun you are purchasing comes with magazines greater than 10 rounds, be sure to read my policy on large capacity magazines.
  1. When your firearm has shipped, with the tracking information. We will schedule a time/date for you to come in and do the background check paperwork.
  1. Once your firearm has been received, I will verify all required documentation is received and the firearm(s) you purchased is legal. If there are any issues with the shipment, your appointment will be rescheduled until after the situation has been corrected.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
  1. Please look at my office hours page to see hours of operation. Unfortunately, I cannot accommodate requests for appointments outside these times.
  1. Please see my transfer fee schedule for transfer costs and sales tax.
  1. Firearms will only be transferred to the person who’s name appears on the invoice shipped with your purchase.  Please be sure the information you provide to the seller matches the information on your driver’s license.

TO AVOID DELAYS, make sure you have the right documents prior to buying a gun.  Make sure you have proper identification and proof of residency.