Transfer Fees

Transfer Fees Effective 11/24/2017

Private Party Transfers (PPT)

Private party transfers are face to face only. Both buyer and seller perform the transfer in person

  • California DROS: $25
  • Transfer (PPT) fee: $10
  • Total fee for PPT transfer: $35

Internet and shipped transfers

These are new or used guns that come from another FFL.

  • California DROS: $25
  • Firearm Transfer Fee $40
  • Each Additional Firearm* $5 each
  • California sales tax on all Dealer transfers:  7.5%

*Same DROS, Max 5 Guns Total. Long guns and handguns can be combined on same DROS. ONLY one handgun every 30-days unless exempt.

Other Fees

Firearm Safety Certificate $25

(Unless collected by the seller and clearly stated on the invoice)
ALL DROS and Transfer Fees are NOT Refundable

$10 Discount on Transfer Fees for Full Time
Law Enforcement and Military